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  • Kyle Wright

Are You Ready To Start Your Own Recruitment Business?

Being your own boss is like anything rewarding - it takes a lot of hard work before you can enjoy the perks. But it doesn’t have to be painful. You’ve worked for some time in recruitment and you know it inside out and you're ready to go it alone, you just need that encouragement to give it a go, with full back office support so that you can focus on what you know you can do – recruit! So, what’s holding you back? Fear of being on your own? Not knowing where to start? The reasons are often very personal. We’ve compiled a list of the most common considerations and offered some encouragement that might help you to decide whether you are ready or not to start your own recruitment business.

Your Marketplace, Post Covid-19

It can’t be ignored that the coronavirus outbreak has hit many industries. From tourism and hotels to bars and restaurants, these markets are slowly getting back to some level of activity as demand increases. There are many other sectors that are blossoming again, if yours is one of them, then now could be the best time to start your own business. A recent report by KPMG shows that the UK recruitment sector is booming!


Have you built up a strong and secure network of insightful people that you can call upon to help catapult you to success? Making sincere connections for your start-up can ease many worries, from basic funding to implementation. Seasoned recruiters are likely to be highly adept at sweating their LinkedIn connections. Now is the time to hunker down and really work those relationships. It’s pretty much what you do for someone else, why not do it for yourself and get your hands on more commission?

The Competition

Admittedly, you are not the only one sitting at home weighing up whether their boss’s idea to drag you back into the office full time is really necessary. You’ve been working from home effectively, so why not start a new recruitment company and work the way you want to work – for you? Most entrepreneurs are happy to share their ups and downs, so talk to other recruitment firm owners and get a feel for what life could be like.

You’re Experienced

More likely than not you have experience in a specific field, this already puts you ahead. You’re likely to already have confidence in your existing knowledge and continue to learn in areas that need tending to. Could your entrepreneurial journey be about to start? Enjoy the personal growth that running your own business can deliver, and don’t forget to have fun!

You Believe In Your Idea

Most importantly, you must believe that your business venture is going to be successful. Accept rejections, question why, and bounce back. After all, entrepreneurs are made and here’s where you start that exciting journey!

If you would like to find out more about what it’s like to start, build and run your own business, then get in touch for an informal, confidential chat.

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