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Work from home, a coffee shop or a Regus – forever!

Working from home (WFH) is again a thing of the present for some recruiters, but for others, whether you think it’s a good idea or not, there are companies that are clinging onto the buzz of having team members in one room. Granted it’s not possible for everyone to work from home, but for those who enjoy the flexibility of working from the kitchen, lounge, local coffee shop or Regus, that self-motivation shows a certain resilience. It’s also the characteristic of a self-starter, entrepreneur. So, if you fall into this category, then being blunt, why aren’t you running your own recruitment firm?

Contrary to many beliefs, these days, setting up on your own isn’t expensive and getting the back end and protocols in place to run your business isn’t difficult, if you choose the right partner that is. Let’s face, if you’re on a deal like ours, earning over 70% commission, then you’d only need to place one candidate a month, which with the number of vacancies in the UK at an all-time high (December 2021), should be a task that any recruiter worth their salt would embrace. So, why not work from wherever you like and run your own desk, permanently?

Accord Resourcing could have you set up in 7 days, we sort the back office and leave you to do you do best - sales. You’re a high flyer so what’s stopping you from taking the leap of setting up your own enterprise?

It’s time to embrace a New Year and New You, so get in touch to find out how working from home, the coffee shop or the beach on your terms can help catapult your career and change your life.

Get in touch for an informal chat.

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