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  • Kyle Wright

Tools to fill the gap

An interview between Andrew Rodney and CITB Apprentice Delivery Manager on the Clive Holland Show on FixRadioUK highlights an interesting fact that often goes undiscussed but has a huge impact on the future workforce. And that’s the subject of getting and keeping more apprentices on the tools.

Andrew notes that 75% of apprentices drop out of their courses and the main problem he feels seems to be family pressure to join them in the first place! Often working on the tools is seen as a last resort. He said: “In late September we see an influx of students onto trade apprenticeship courses as the pressure builds for them to get on a course. People are joining the industry for the wrong reasons”.

One teacher he cites threatens young people with the fact that “You’re just going to end up on a building site” which isn’t helpful to anyone. This negative mindset from teachers, and often parents and peers can lead to disenfranchised young people and the knock-on effect is that we are losing talented people who, with the right support could go on to run their own business or even work abroad. The CITB is running a number of campaigns that helps to identify the talented apprentices and encourage employers to nurture their talents, in some cases, the organisation has a fund to encourage employers to fulfil their objectives.

So, isn’t it about time we started promoting the skill involved in the tools and changing the narrative around the young people who are entering the industry?

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