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Step forward those who have been inspiring women in construction.

As recognition schemes goes, then this one from Construction News and New Civic Engineer, which aims to celebrate the achievements of women in the sector as well as the organisations that are leading the way in gender equality, takes the biscuit. But, you’ll need to be quick to enter as the deadline for entries is 20th May.

Titled ‘Inspiring Women in Construction’ it’s right on-point for the early 2022’s. There must be plenty of schemes and programmes across the sector that fall into the category, so we need to spread the word to try and help uncover them!

These days, it seems that you can’t read anything: social media; news sites; newspapers or blogs where the subject of diversity and inclusion aren’t mentioned - by volume. And rightly so! For too long these hidden groups have contributed, in many cases, unrecognised, to the success of the sector. They silently go about their business, and it’s about time we celebrated their involvement as well as the organisations that are taking great strides to increase diversity.

The industry is embracing diversity large-scale and is fast realising that capitalising on what is unique about individuals and drawing on their differing perspectives and experiences to further enhance the sector is not just a bit, but a lot, of a no brainer!

Both publications are collaborating to provide networking opportunities and learning resources. The aim is not only to help women make career progress, but also to encourage more organisations to promote gender equality across the wide variety of roles in construction and engineering.

So, if you are aware of any schemes or programmes that meet the criteria then visit the awards home page and shout it from the hills.

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